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Black Blade (Japão)

O cd CAME TO STAY da a volta ao mundo e faz parada no JAPÃO, onde recebe um excelente review.


O texto está escrito na língua japonesa (pelo menos 2 dialetos - dificultando um pouco a tradução) porém, é possível ter uma base do que foi dito utilizando-se o tradutor do google.

Tradução do Google:
5/25 “[kanariya] corps”
One pair it is quick in the world cup, but the letter it came from Brazil.

The band name which is inspired from north European myth and vampire legend (perhaps [vuaruhara] and Troy were combined) as for VARTROY of the Brazilian graduate which entitles iron [meiden] style to traditional calls are the twin guitar and the band plays [vuimetaru] of 5 human formation which which possess the high tone vocal. As for formation September 2004.

As for iron [meiden] from the first, black [sabasu] which is underground and the traditional band of the same home village, from the deep purple the American power metal band, as for the sound which receives influence to the German metal, and the dream theater etc music for the promotion of present time (with the official sight all the tune audition possibilities) with it has become something where iron [meiden] technique was pushed out to the front. If you look at the cover music in the [raivu] sound source, love to orthodox group [hevuimetaru] does and does and the [hi] the [hi] with remembers sympathy in the selection of music which is transmitted. Even, the cover of the [aisudo] ground how being born, you heard for the first time!

As a start of the band, future development is unknown from with the beginning which is easy to understand rather but as soon as possible you could measure in can debut the shank. Temporarily, when it advances from the page of AUDIO, because sound comes out suddenly, you will pay attention.

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