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Archaic Metallurgy (Finlandia)

Brazil's VarTroY have been together for a year and a half now. 'Came to Stay' is the band's official debut demonstration. They didn't hurry with it, but created a professional sounding demo.

VarTroY's musical base is Iron Maiden inspired heavy metal. First song proper, 'Live or Die', reminds a lot of legendary Brits' first three albums' material, thanks to Steve Harris style bass playing and NWOBHM-esque twin guitar work. This isn't all just pure Maiden worship, though, as band's goal is to seek for more unique way of creating heavy metal. And they do succeed, at least to some proportions. 'VarTroy', while sounding a lot like old Maiden, is pretty proggy as a composition. Familiar twin guitar harmonies can be heard on 'War That We Can See', 'Cruel Decision' and 'Never Look back Again', too, but are more basic heavy metal. The band can weave some memorable songs and choruse for sure. Remix of 'Live or Die' includes more than one vocal track, but the original is a better version.

Vocals sound quite a bit like young Tobias Sammet (Edguy), but lack of power, probably because of heavy use of vibration. Bass sound reminds me a lot of 'Piece of Mind's (1983) sound and is surely played with fingers. Guitar work is very solid, as is drumming. Generally, the sound is very clean, but could be more punchy. The band's full of youthful energy, though.

A fine debut demo from young band. Solid, memorable songs and good musicianship. While I like that Iron Maiden influence, the band really should try to find more individual style. Good listening for getting one up from apathy.

Reviewed by Lane

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