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Talk To The Devil (Japão)

CD Came To Stay vai parar em mais um site japonês e recebe uma boa crítica.


Tradução do Google:
May purchase album contribution person: Rip contribution day: May 26th (the gold) 23:48 46

second that, it does not become is, or (the tear) VARTROY heard SILVER BACK a little, but in ? the shank. However also the vocal it is rough somewhat, while comfortable putting out, with saying, capability of the vocal it is it is with it cannot be careless either the pattern which is cheated with the demonstration sound quality, it is, but (laughing).

Because Brazil the band in addition to being many, is like activity is easy to remain in [domesuteitsuku], don't you think?…. Exists the good band number being transmitted to that appearance, activity springs out in earnest overseas riding, very that the air which ever since KRISIUN does not come out, it is with, we want persevering, however it is,….

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