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Metal Centre (USA)

Came To Stay recebe um excelente review do site Norte Americano METAL CENTRE.


I remember a good band coming from Brazil I reviewed them, and they are called “Shining Star”. They really fascinated me.

Our right here band called “VARTROY” also coming from Brazil, and they don’t impress me less than Shining Star. They have style, talent and taste.

What I like about them the most is their guitarists and the bassist. They are amazing and pretty ear catching..

Lyrical, about war, fight for your life, the enemy…in one word “Viking”. But I don’t look at them as Viking metal band. There just one song that I couldn’t ‘swallow’ for this band. It’s called “Cruel Decision”. I felt like they were drifting away from the music.

The Vocals, he was great, but I guess being a heavy metal vocals, it was hard thing to do. But the rest were doing great job.

But as overall rating, they are good. And I see they have vivid future.

Rate: 8/10

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