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The Metal Forge (Austrália)

Os australianos do site THE METAL FORGE publicaram um bom review do cd CAME TO STAY da banda VARTROY.


Originality goes a long way, when you have it

As is often the case with the traditional heavy metal genre, bands are made up of some really talented musicians that can’t escape the confines of their influences. VarTroY is no exception and Iron Maiden is their drug of choice.

In some respects it is cool to see bands pay homage to their idols but the way I see it is that if this is all you are interested in then you might as well be playing covers exclusively. Perhaps this is a little harsh, but I can’t tell you the amount of classic heavy metal bands I have heard recently that all sound exactly alike. Aside from Power Metal I can’t think of another genre within the metal scene with so many bands that are happy to plagiarise each other with utter disregard and it annoys me beyond words.

As you can tell, I’m a bit worked up over this review. The main reason is that from a purely musical standpoint, VarTroY are a talented band who can play their instruments extremely well and can even craft some pretty catchy melodies. It is a shame to see them stuck in the same rut as so many others by playing really unadventurous heavy metal. There is no originality to speak of at all.

It’s not that Came To Stay is a bad demo. Taken at face value it is pretty well crafted with a bunch of catchy songs. There are plenty of nice lead breaks and solos throughout and there is also a good vocal performance from William Falaschi. More than once I found myself tapping along with the rhythm section. It is only when the album is evaluated within the context of what it is representing that any real negative feelings surface.

I think VarTroY have a couple of things going for them though. Firstly they are quite a young band, and secondly this is only their debut demo. With this being the case there is plenty of time for them to grow and branch out a little bit. Frankly I’d love to see a band like this reach out and test the waters with a bit of experimentation. Even if it failed miserably at least they would have tried something different.

Right now I’d have to say to the band that you can be the best musicians in the world but if you can’t be original then there just isn’t enough room for another band happy to sit with the rest of the pack.

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