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Lost In The Dark (2016)

Remixed and remastered version (by Romulo Ramazini Felicio from Under Studioof LOST IN THE DARK, a song from the SOME YEARS LATER CD.

This song is about a disturbed man with voices in his head that are causing him to mistake what is wrong for what is right, leading him to commit murder.

When he realizes what he has done, he jumps from the top of a building in the dead of the night.

- Paula Bitondi: vocal
- Marcos Garcia: base, lead guitar, bass and drums

Lost In The Dark (04:53)
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Entry date: Sep 21, 2016
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0

In my head
In my hands
In my life
I can`t see what is wrong and what is right

I need some time to close my eyes
And dream again to stay alive
Forget the past, live it now
Look ahead and fight for life

The day before, the rain that fell
Another one has lost his light
Blood in my hands, pain in my heart
This world is mad, crazy and dark

Mistakes and lies
Wrong call in life
No black, no white
The end of line

And regrets
And hate
I have no friends
No one to help me with this hate

I open my eyes, the sky is dark
The city is quiet, just hear my breath
I hear footsteps, and distant whispers
They are coming, they want me dead

Nowhere to run, I’m stuck up high
I wish it’d been just a bad dream
Some tears that fall, I ask oh god
Would I live another life?

Mistakes and lies
Wrong call in life
No black, no white
The end of line

My body is burning
My heart is freezing
Am I living life or
Having this dream

I don’t feel my legs
I don’t feel my arms
I see nobody
Don’t know where I stand

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