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The Clone (2019)

This song is a part of Vartroy's new album called WHAT IF. It's a remixed and remastered version of the song THE CLONE (released in 2009).

We tried to make a very funny video clip for this song and we think we achieved it! It would probably be in the worst video clips ever. (LOL)

The album will be available very soon. 
Keep plugged to know more...

- William Pelegrino (lead vocals)
- Marcos Garcia (guitars, bass and backing vocals)

- MP3 128 kbps

Look into my eyes, start to believe
Your divine creation, your desease
You took my life and I will get it back

I will find you wherever you are
The shadows in the dark night
Feel the cold inside your heart

Your blood is flowing, feel the pain
Pray for god, but the devil is here
Your judgement say you'll burn in hell

Look to all the things you have done
Look to the clone, whatch him die
Hear the screams and try to understand

That life is not a game
That you do not know the end

Play, the game of life
Life in a game
Live or die

You, get out of my way
I will not pray
Death is the price

Ths song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcos Garcia.

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