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War That We Can See (2019)

This song is a part of Vartroy's new album called WHAT IF. It's a remixed and remastered version of the song WAR THAT WE CAN SEE (released in 2009 - Daydreams).

William Pelegrino (lead vocals)
Marcos Garcia (guitars and backing vocals)
Matheus Calache (guitars)
Estevan Soares (bass)

MP3 128 kbps

By the air and land they are coming
To show the world their power of destruction
The world is crying for the children being born
And they see the horror that men can do

The power that makes you want to see
They kill for no reason you will have to be
On its side to be alive

Some people are running, some people would stay
Some people are falling, other trying to say:
“we are going to fight until death”

They are trying to make one empire of the fools
An army of world slaves to fight the truth
Staying awake for the hell that’s coming from
Some words, the empire, nothing

The man with the eyes that couldn’t see
Ahead of his walls which were created to be
An exile of blind for a king of death

The walls of a nation that closes their eyes
And follows the path that was guided by fear
Built by a man, the blindness reign

It’s a war that we can see
In the land of no man
It’s a war that we can see
In the land of the damned

Ths song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcos Garcia.

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