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Wounded Wolf's Claws (2019)

This song is a part of Vartroy's new album called WHAT IF, and was the song that started the whole thing.

William Pelegrino (lead vocals)
Marcos Garcia (guitars)
Matheus Calache (guitars and bass)

MP3 128 kbps

We are waiting for the next attack
The devil will come with more troops
His hate increases, so does our force
Our flag has blood but will be raised

Come and rest, rest the sleep of warriors
Here we are soon is the next attack

With the strength of Fenrir
Should I carry this burden alone?
The white wolf will fight alone
With the strength of Fenrir

The nightfall came, no sign of them
The messenger brings the dawn news

The Cleric drops tears of sadness
Eline was arrested for betrayal

What should I do?

Ths song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcos Garcia.

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