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Running Against The Time (2020)

No! You are not getting crazy! The SOME YEARS LATER album already exists and was released in 2012. The icing on the cake here is the "8" - it makes all the difference, believe me!

Jokes aside... this is basically a remake of this album but in the right way (of course it doesn't mean this is perfect - far from that). All the songs received some small improvements and other people participated in the recording proccess.

Aaaanndddd, this is the first album, since 2012, that was done entirely in Vartroy's home studio - recording, mixing and mastering (totally independent).

Well, enough talking! If you like what we are doing, help us continue our work by clicking on the BUY button and you will get this new noise right now.

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Orrrr.... just listen THIS SONG!


The watch hands walk faster and faster to me
Everything passes right before my eyes
Like I were traveling against the time
Watching everything again in my life

I look ahead, and I see cold and silence
Just a one way path and two choices to face 
The blood running fast in my veins now I have
To believe that the rush is now coming to me

Fight time with time
To live your life
One day you will believe that
You can't fight against the time

Infinite dreams
Take over my head
I have only one choice
Running against the time

Run against the time
It's time to think
I have no time
Running, running fast
Blood in my veins
I'm running against the time


Click on the BUY button below. After the payment you will be redirected to the download page.

You will receive a package with all songs in high quality - MP3, WAV 16bits and WAV 24bits (DRM FREE).

This album will be available in online stores and streaming services in march 2020 (official release month).

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