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Some 8 Years Later (2020)

No! You are not getting crazy! The SOME YEARS LATER album already exists and was released in 2012. The icing on the cake here is the "8" - it makes all the difference, believe me!

Jokes aside... this is basically a remake of this album but in the right way (of course it doesn't mean this is perfect - far from that). All the songs received some small improvements and other people participated in the recording proccess.

Aaaanndddd, this is the first album, since 2012, that was done entirely in Vartroy's home studio - recording, mixing and mastering (totally independent).

Well, enough talking! Roll down this page to know more about this album...


1. Running Against The Time
2. Soul Taker
3. Painting The Future
4. A Cold Night
5. Lost In The Dark
6. No Wrong Path
7. Before You Leave
8. Behind My Black Walls
9. A Cold Night (acoustic)



If you want to know more about this material and/or get your copy, please click on the link below...

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcos Garcia / Graphic art by Marcos Garcia / Lyrics revision and adaptation by Paula Bitondi / Responsibility for taking me out of the computer after long periods of time by Pa├žoca, kkkkkkk.

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