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Vartroy - Torments Of War

This GIG marks the start of a new phase for VARTROY music project. Here we have 4 songs to kick this off, give the note for this new rhythm and invite you to join in this new journey.

"Black & White" is not about skin color / race! The theme of this album is about the crazyness we are living all around the world, where everything seens to became black and white. All other color seens to be gone!


Production and all instruments by Marcos Garcia / Lyric by Guilherme Nogueira

Hear the sound of the machine guns
Destroying the hearts of those who fight
See the explosions taking their lives
Many brave men covered in blood

Steel birds scratching the air
Spitting fire, killing women and men

Torments of War
Soldiers Dying
Torments Of War
A World without Peace

Destroying buildings, feeding the anger
Visions of no hope for tomorrow

This doomed future war foresight
Hopelessness takes cover of human hearts
The nuclear bomb has been released
There's no return, there are no regrets

Brother, this is it! Hit the play in the album preview and, if you like it, help the project buying the digital version of the album. If the money is short, no problem! All those songs will be available in the streaming platforms soon.

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