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Vartroy - Building An Idiocracy

This GIG marks the start of a new phase for VARTROY music project. Here we have 4 songs to kick this off, give the note for this new rhythm and invite you to join in this new journey.

"Black & White" is not about skin color / race! The theme of this album is about the crazyness we are living all around the world, where everything seens to became black and white. All other color seens to be gone!


Production, lyric and all instruments by Marcos Garcia

Living in a distant world
In another reality
Bringing caos

Doing what he wants
No matter what
are the consequences

Some people saw him as a new Messiah

But in the end
He's just a mad king
Doing shit!

People in the streets
Believing that
He is a god

Everything he says
They raise their hands
And bow their heads

An army of puppets marching against

The facts and reality
For some crazy world
Only they can see

The clown in front of you
Is ruling by insanity
The clown who’s shaking your hand
Will get your money in the end

Things we have achieved
Are being thrown in the away

There’s no use in saying
There’s no use in showing
There’s no use in proving
A blind army
Stupid puppets 

Brother, this is it! Hit the play in the album preview and, if you like it, help the project buying the digital version of the album. If the money is short, no problem! All those songs will be available in the streaming platforms soon.

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