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A nice review from Posercorpse Hellzine (black & white)

 Here's a nice review from the folks of Posercorpse Hellzine.

"In contrast to the above, the musical project of Marcos B. Garcia since 2004 offers a clear defined concept and ethos; “the theme of this album is about the craziness we are living all around the world, where everything seems to became black and white. All other color seems to be gone!”, so goes the write-up on the webpage. This is nice, decent, well-played melodic rock that draws from his primary classic Heavy Metal influences to some alternative rock feels. The lyrical care and earnestness are laudable though there’s a slightly anodyne quality to the songs, perhaps the production; this stuff would go down well at a ‘less-edgy’ bar here like Timbre (sadly we can’t even go to such places and complain anymore, not for the foreseeable future) with a crowd that wants to ‘rock out’ but not get shocked or annoyed by anything too extreme.  Still, we thank Marcos for sharing his latest online-only EP with us."

You can access the original link here!

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