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Vartroy - White Rabbit [Anomaly · 2021]


The work on this album started at the end of 2019. The intention was making a big colab, but the pandemic came and... you know the rest…

In mid-April 2020 me, Marcos Garcia, have decided to change some bits in Vartroy. I realized that I needed to take all fronts to continue doing what I want to do and in the way I want to do.

DONE! Buutttttt... As I didn't know if the result would be nice, I decided to break the album in 2 parts - and here the BLACK & WHITE was born (and it has one song that is not part of Anomaly).

The result was nice, so I dived into this new album - ANOMALY. I would say that this noise is the second (and definitive) step of this new phase of VARTROY.

I hope you enjoy it!


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