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Our Goal:
Creating, recording and publishing new songs for you!

Name inspired on the Nordic mythology, vampirism, The Lord of the Rings and the battle of Troy. The central meaning of the name is the battle we need to fight every second to be the person we are and to achieve our goals.

The beginning:
The band was formed in 2004 by Marcos B. Garcia, with the intention of creating songs based on the NWOBHM bands along with the member's influences.

Content Released:
2005 - Came to Stay
2007 - The Journey's End (single)
2008 - Beginning
2009 - The Clone (promo)
2010 - B-Side (covers e raridades)
2010 - Tomorrow Will Never Die (collection)
2011 - Painting The Future (single)
2011 - Live Or Die (promo)
2012 - Some Years Later
2014 - A Cold Night (single)
2018 - A Cold Soul (mini EP)
2019 - Daydreams
2020 - Some 8 Years Later
2020 - Not Today (single)
2020 - Nothing To Lose (single)

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